Consumer Tech Support

For better understanding about the technical aspects of eMedia Music software for personal or homeschool use.

Note: If you are using eMedia Music software in a traditional classroom setting, select Academic Tech Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A red box appears in the corner of application window. (Windows)  
  2. Application freezes (e.g. a spinning rainbow ball) when I connect my MIDI keyboard. (Mac)  
  3. Application freezes (e.g., spinning rainbow ball) without a MIDI keyboard connected. (Mac)  
  4. Application freezes after going through a number of lessons. (Windows)  
  5. Audio/Video/MIDI playback cannot be heard.  
  6. Automatic Tuner and/or Recorder is not working.  
  7. Band in a Box questions  
  8. Can the application be installed without Quicktime?  
  9. Does this DVD series play on PAL or NTSC?  
  10. EarMaster questions  
  11. Error (during installation): A newer version of QuickTime is already installed. If you would like to continue, first uninstall QuickTime, then run this installer again. (Windows)  
  12. Error: ... has caused an error in “QuickTime.qts”. (Windows)  
  13. Guitar Pro questions  
  14. How can I make sure I have the latest version of this application?  
  15. How do I connect my keyboard to my computer?  
  16. I bought this product on Steam and it is giving me a script error. (Windows)  
  17. I have upgraded to MacOS 10.15 Catalina, and my eMedia software will no longer open.  
  18. I'm getting "Maxxed Activations" before the application even asks me for the serial number. (Mac)  
  19. I'm getting a "Diagnostic Error" window when I launch the application. (Mac)  
  20. I'm getting the message "[This application] is not optimized for your Mac." (Mac)  
  21. I'm getting the message, "This application can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer." (Mac)  
  22. I'm getting the message, "[This application] is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash." (Mac)  
  23. I’m running Vista and the application doesn’t automatically move from the first screen or the audio/video files aren’t playing. (Windows)  
  24. I’m using multiple monitors, and video doesn’t work. I get a black screen that disappears quickly.  
  25. Mixcraft questions  
  26. Music Theory Tutor questions  
  27. My keyboard is connected and the power is on, but I can’t hear the notes. The keyboard works with other applications.  
  28. My Voice Karaoke questions  
  29. Piano Scores Unlimited questions  
  30. PowerTracks Pro Audio questions  
  31. Quicktime is already installed, but the application prompts to install again. (Windows)  
  32. The application doesn't remember where I left off. (Mac)  
  33. The audio sounds choppy or distorted. (Windows)  
  34. The close box is not visible because the application title bar is positioned up off the screen. (Windows)  
  35. The QuickTime videos are not playing or lack sound.  
  36. The Recorder gives an error -8221. (Mac)  
  37. There is a delay between when I strike a key and when I hear sound. (Windows)  
  38. TimeStretch questions  
  39. Trying to open a help file results in a "file not found" error. (Mac)  
  40. Unable to Activate Application with Serial Number (e.g., Maximum Activations Have Been Reached).  
  41. Unable to deactivate.  
  42. What region(s) will play this DVD?  
  43. “Print” Command doesn’t print out on the printer. (Windows)  

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