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MIDI keyboard connection walkthrough
Last Updated 9 years ago

Applies to: Piano & Keyboard Method Educational Edition, Intermediate Piano & Keyboard Method Educational Edition

DIRECT USB CABLE – Insert the square end of the USB cable into the appropriate port on the back of your keyboard. Insert the rectangular end of the USB cable into an available port on your computer. On many keyboards, the power is supplied through the USB cable. No external AC power supply is needed. The MIDI signal is also carried by the USB cable.

USB-TO-MIDI ADAPTER – If you are having problems connecting your MIDI keyboard to your computer using a USB-to-MIDI adapter, you should follow these steps to insure that your connection is correct:

  • Make sure the power light on the adapter is on.
  • Connect the USB end of the adapter directly to your computer and not to a USB hub or extension cable.
  • Make sure the drivers for the adapter you are using are installed. If you’ve just installed the adapter drivers, you may need to restart your system before they function correctly.
  • Pay attention to the label on the MIDI cables. Make sure the supplied MIDI cable is connected from the "MIDI OUT" port on the back of the keyboard to the "MIDI IN" cable of the USB-to-MIDI adapter.
  • Adapter and adapter driver issues should be directed to adapter manufacturer.

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